I was born in 1995 in Suwon South Korea and lived in Korea until Second grade. In second grade I went to Australia to study English for Two years I know this is unusual for other kids but My mom wanted me to learn English and since then I went to the United States to study English again from 7th grade to Now. Living in a foreign country was hard for me but art was one of the things I loved to do and I happen to want to do it as a Job. My real art started when enter ap art in 12th grade. My art teacher wanted me to do graphic design. My first artwork was This

This artwork was the first artwork that everyone liked and looking at this art, My art teacher told me to do Graphic design. I had no idea what Graphic design was at first. So I looked deep into Graphic design I loved the whole world about Graphic design. So since 2014 I dove into Graphic design.

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